Class Styles

Mysore Style

‘Mysore Style’ is named after the city in South India where Ashtangi’s all over the world have learned this method from our teacher Sharath Jois. With no specific ‘start time’ you simply arrive and begin your own practice following the Ashtanga yoga sequence of postures. Mary can then give one to one attention and advice to you as you progress.

All levels are welcome. No prior experience is necessary, in fact this is ideal for beginners as you progress through the sequence at your own pace. You are encouraged however to commit to practicing for a minimum of two weeks, three days a week when you first start; to learn the beginnings of the sequence.

Drop in students must have an existing Mysore practice. Remember to arrive in good time to ensure you’re not rushed to complete your practice.

Led Half Primary

This is the Traditional Ashtanga Yoga primary series taught up until Navasana, Mary will guide the class step by step through the sequence of postures emphasizing technique, breath and alignment. You will experience your bodies potential strength and flexibility as once a week you work on build upon what you’ve learnt. Appropriate for mixed levels this class is a Teacher-led version of ‘Mysore Style’ Ashtanga Yoga Class.


Intro to Yoga Classes (check Events page)

It’s a common misconception that only flexible people can do yoga, but in fact yoga really is for everyone. Mary will guide you step-by-step into the yoga practice from the very beginning. You will learn about how important connecting to the breath is and the correct, safe alignment in the postures. You will be able to ask any questions that arise and build a relationship to the practice and yourself.