5 Ways Yoga Helps Scoliosis

Mary Powell Yoga

    1. It helps you to become aware of your breath

    How you breath plays an important roll in your posture and core stability. When you pay attention to it you learn what your unconscious breathing pattern is and ways in which you can change and control your breathing to help both your posture and mind.

    2. It builds self awareness

    Once you become aware of your breathing, you will also become more aware of your body, its cues and where you are in space. The slow mindful movements, combined with the breath bring your awareness to yourself rather than externally.

    3. It builds strength and flexibility

    Our bodies are made to move, when you can move with self awareness and support, you will be moving with more control, your joints will be supported and will be able to move with less restriction. Moving well and breathing well will help reduce pain.

    4.  It helps you build a good relationship with yourself

    How we speak to ourselves is important. When we turn our attention inwards to care for ourselves over caring what other may think of us, we change perspective and realise our worth. Moving and breathing help give us more confidence as we gain more agency over our very capable bodies as well.

    5. It will help you meet other like minded people that may be going through something similar

    It helps to have support and connect with others with similar life journeys so that we don’t feel alone. When we don’t feel alone we feel more empowered and safer, with this support we feel more capable of incredible things and studies show we also learn more.

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